Automate Your Accounts Receivables!

Stay on top of your cashflow without leaving Slack and we will ensure your client is paying you on time. Everytime. #TopOfYourGame

Starts from $9/mo after 14 days trial

Single platform, Deep impact

With Slack + Billbird, you will always have your invoice processing time at your fingertips without having to chase your customers.


Stop Chasing 'Em

Your customers don't want to be followedup or reminded constantly that their payment is due. Lil' nudge would do.

Know Thy Data

Who has paid, who hasn't, and when will they pay - always at your fingertips saving you or your team tons of lost time.

Automagic Followups

Billbird will followup on missed payments and keep the records updated automagically.

Simple Pricing, No BS

Flat monthly pricing for your entire team irrespective of number of users. We are committed to the following virtues.

  • We hate factoring. Period.
  • We don't take any percentages. Period.
  • We will never behave like your collection agency. Period.
  • All of the above. Promise.

Even More Features

We are constantly adding new features that will make your life easier. Some of the items cooking in the kitchen are.

  • Direct integration with your invoicing system
  • Automatic reconciliation through your bank account
  • Using the "Listen" feature in Slack (with total privacy!)
  • Nothing else as of now. We don't reinvent the wheel :,)


Everything is included, no hidden fees, no nonsense


Suitable for freelancers & individuals

9 $
  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited followups
  • Access to all new features


Suitable for Startups & Agencies

18 $
  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited followups
  • Access to all new features


Suitable for bigger organizations

40 $
  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited followups
  • Access to all new features


How it works?

Once you signup, the Billbird bot gets installed in your workspace in Slack. You can trigger the bot by using the /billie command. Then the bot will take you through steps to create a followup or know the status of your invoices.

How do I signup?

Once you signup for any plan with 14-day free trial, we will send an email with a link to install the Billbird bot in your workspace. The bot will be active in your workspace as much as the subscription is in full effect.

My client has cleared the invoice. How do I remove the followup created?

Trigger the bot with /billie command first. Then type remove followup followed by invoice number. That's it the bot will not send any followup messages.

It's easy to snooze the notifications in Slack. How are we going to get an answer?

We will send a reminder upto 3 times in frequest intervals. If we don't get any response, we will schedule a quick call (representing your organization, not as a 3rd party) and update you on the status.

My customers doesn't use Slack in their organization. Is this useful for me?

Unfortenately, not. Billbird works on the concept that anyone could get anything done without leaving Slack. So if your customers aren't using Slack, there is no way this is helpful for you. We're sure some of your customers must be using Slack already.

My customers use Slack. How they will be notified of this followups?

As soon as you enter their information (i.e.Workspace name, Email address, etc) we will send out an email asking them to install the bot. They don't need administrative access to do so. It'd be better if you could give them a headsup about the whole process.

Care to meet the bird?

Once in a while, we send our birds like in the ancient days, carrying messages of great value to you and your business. Get 'em, read 'em, & share 'em!